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Serious problem in the v10.79 - PR Filter option is no longer used

Hi @Sven, I upgraded SER to the newest v10.79, and get the message of "PR Filter option is no longer used...", and it doesn't allow me to save my project if the PR filter is enabled.

I DO NOT use Google PR to filter target sites, instead, I use PRJacker which replaces the original Google PR to Majestic TF/CF, and It's VERY IMPORTANT for Tier 1 Project.
Please either disable this message (at least let me save the project after it pops up), or tell me how to rollback to previous version, otherwise I can't use SER any more!!

It's urgent, please help.


  • is there any 10.78 mirror?
  • Same problem here,

    Don't understand why this PR was removed, i'm sure @Sven knows about PRJacker, so Sven, please make it work again.

    I personally don't care Google PR but using TF for tier 1 but now all my campaigns was crashed after update, i stopped projects and waiting if there is chance to get older version or updated version with PR support.
  • SvenSven
    it will return and hopefully also a better metric filter...just be patience.
  • @Sven, you don't have to do extra work, just give the feature back to us before you find a better method please.
    That's really urgent right now!

  • SvenSven
    it is already back in since v10.80
  • @Sven, I just upgraded to v10.80, the new version STILL DOES NOT allow me to save the project if the PR filter is enabled, even if I am running the PRJacker.
    SER pops up a message box, then return to the project window after click the OK button of the messagebox.
  • SvenSven
    10.81 as said in the other threads where you posted your problem! Seriously, please stick to one. I keep reading them all so no need to push it.
  • Hi Sven, I just upgraded to the latest version and if i go and try to change the number of backlinks its gives me the message saying pr filter option might not be functional right now....I have 50 private proxies so am I ok or do i need to check/uncheck anything? Just dont want to jeopardize my links:)
  • SvenSven
    this warning is irrelevant and I will remove it on next update.
  • thank you for all of the help Sven! :)
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