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In 8 days i have given 1k backlinks to my Facebook Page for parasite seo, no results no earnings?

In 8 days i have given 1k backlinks to my Facebook Page for parasite seo, no results  no earnings?
What improvements i need to do to Rank it in Top, it's an high ranking keyword, please suggest me


  • Facebook pages aren't easy to predict, sometimes they'll jump straight in ranking well, and other times they just seem to suddenly appear after weeks / months, with no reason as to why. Other times they just won't rank at all. My best advice would be to build multiple pages and work on them all at once.

    Assuming you got the onpage right...
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    • Only 8 days
    • Only 1k backlinks
    • High ranking keyword (if by that you mean it's difficult)

    If you only had one of those problems, you most likely still wouldn't be able to profit from that facebook page. So there's that.

  • Google loves Facebook , So facebook Page has good authourity , with HQ backlinks i can rank well?  The parasite seo works like this only ??
  • Honestly the biggest thing you will face is On Page optimization with FB. blasting 1k gsa links arent going to do too much for you here.
  • not even a single click on my affiliate links of amazon on Facebook Page? Is parasite seo not good option?
  • How competitive is the niche? We really dont have enough info to make any sort of a judgement here. 
  • I have 5 different pages on 5 different Keywords, some are high, medium & low competition ,very confused. 
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    I'm not seeing any result from using GSA on parasites.  One YouTube video moved to first page for me for a person's first and last name (not for a real keyword), but not much effect from GSA (builing over 4,000 links over a month or two) and even building tier 2.

    parasite < TIER 1 GSA < TIER 2 GSA

    I'm still looking at a way to use GSA reliably to rank a web2.0 or parasite or even a money site.
  • so should i stop parasite seo ??

  • i blast my site with 13000 contextual backlink, check may rank on serpbook after a week and got my site not even in top 100, the keyword comp is low, only 560 MS
  • target only USA and UK for links and only english sites, or add me on skype - seo_alexa002 , we can discuss
  • @gsauser101

    Well, you really can't just use SER anymore- you have to have a pretty diverse link profile these days to get anywhere. Google knows what SER looks like.
  • i built manually profile backlinks, blog comments and some manually web 2.0 , it rocked
  • @seo_alexa002

    Just yesterday you were asking me for help via skype, I wouldn't reccomend anyone add you on skype for advice.
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