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Joomla K2 is worthless is it true?

I buy sitelist and create campaign on new domain build about 50 link per day with GSA SER, almost of verified link are PHPWeb and Joomla K2, is this OK for my site?, i've read some discussion on BHW that Joomla K2 are worthless, is it true guys?


  • SvenSven
    I would not say that no. It has a value if used properly.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited April 2016
    Joomla K2 / PHPWeb articles will allow you to send search engine spiders through links embedded in relevant content, and as such they have some value. However, the fact that they're extremely difficult to index reduces their overall benefit considerably.

  • @2Take2, I found K2 links are hard to index nowdays, could you please advise which engine has a good indexing ratio, and provide good SEO value?
  • edited April 2016
    @Sven : i saw my rank increased with only these type of link
    @2Take2 : you're right sir, i pump more and more but just got few indexed
    @sashilover : yep, i realy wanna know too
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    If they are not indexing, it's most likely because the content is not unique enough. Look at it this way, if you're able to scrape any k2 pages to create links on, they were indexed for you to find them.
  • edited April 2016
    you can index almost anything with enough backlinks going to it. probably fine for like a t3, but it is true, PHPWeb and Joomla K2 don't index well. Google knows they are the most common contextual article engine that automated programs like GSA post to and thus have devalued them. Platforms like Wordpress on the other hand are looked upon highly and index very fast but are much harder to get a link on.

    in the end you win by scraping the best, the fastest and the most efficient so you can find these 'non-spammy' link opportunities GSA can still post to. after all, they can't de-value everything. that's why 'GSA doesn't work' threads are dumb, especially with the google PR emulator sven put in GSA Proxy scraper now
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