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Macro for URL AND Keyword-Files - How to combine two macros in one file

ranktotopranktotop Germany
edited April 2016 in Need Help
Hello guys.

I'm tryin to create a textfile like this:


But this doesnt work. 
I want a macro that takes one random url from path-to-urls-file.txt and assign one random anchor from path-to-anchors-file to it, but i get no working solutions for that.

This is near by the solution
but gsa adds an blank or "?" in the anchors like this: "cl ick to read mo re"

Anyone knows how to do that?
I would like to organize all my urls and anchors through this one control-file

Best regards


  • SvenSven
    this makes not much sense to me. If you use a macro to read urls and another for anchors, then you can as well put that anchor-macro into the proper field. That macro in url field is just reading in the urls, no 2nd macro here sorry.
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