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Add Majestic / Moz instead of PR

Now that PR is gone i suggest that Sven add Majestic, Moz, etc to replace it, to let us build secure links.


  • donchinodonchino
    Moonsy for example stopped the MOZ DA metric and told it to be irrelevant - lots of high DA sites either not ranking or been deindexed. 
  • edited April 2016 changed their Free API Terms. You can now only check 25.000 domains per month.
  • That sucks, so what do people use now to check the quality of their links? The URL Metric Scanner built into GSA Proxy Scraper does not resolve anything now because PR is dead (returns zeros for everything) and MOZ changed their API so none of that resolves either.
  • SvenSven
    Anonymous still oyu have to make just one request in 10 seconds
  • pr is dead
    prjacker is dead
    i cant build any  good link these days
    so sad .

  • Same here after the update today external PR Checker tool stop workingl Not possible to sort links in T1 per TF and CF again. So that high risky all toxic links goes now direct to all T1 links for web 2.0, money sites and so on. The question is what for alternatives comes to sort the links lists where we indentified quality links from our lists?
  • airsinduairsindu Indonesia
    Ahrefs API and MOZ API, Option using premium API or Free API
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