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Possible reasons why pages are stuck on 2 or 3 page despite backlinks

I read some articles which stated that there are some pages which are not optimized and hardly have any backlinks - and they still rank well. This could be because they have a high click through rate and a lower bounce rate. If your page has a click through rate of more than 30% then the page will rank well despite few backlinks. Now I see that very few of my pages which I dont want to rank have a CTR of 20 to 30 and most of them have around 0.8 to 10 and the average is 0.81. 
What is the CTR for pages that you have successfully on page 1 of google? How to increase CTR apart from having good content?


  • How can a page on p2 have a 30% CTR? I see in GWMT/SEMrush that I receive 40% traffic for keywords that are on p2, that doesn't make any sense. I don't go past page 1 when searching for stuff, I read the meta and decide off that, surely everyone does? This is why I spend a lot of time on metas for CTR.

    If you're specifically talking about a site that doesn't seem to have many backlinks, it could have redirects/bots blocked by htaccess/PBNs etc? Under-optimised pages that rank highly annoy the hell out of me. On-page has and always will be an important part of the process that I stick to. I can get a page to 30-50 positions for easy/medium keywords on on-page alone, internal linking, quality content, fast loading times and lots more things can help before you even start link-building, I find. 

    To answer your last question that I've already alluded to. Quality meta titles and descriptions are the best way to increase CTR first and foremost. Then a decent looking site - or not in my case as I can't design for shit - HQ images/video or something eye catching above the fold. The content, has and always will be for me, is 80% for the bots and 20% for visitors. Having a decent call to action above the fold with BS content below is a great way to increase conversion rate.

    If you're still stuck or have got bored of my ramblings, then look at your keywords. Is it products you're selling? Give the customer/visitor a solution to their desperate problem (Regaine hair loss treatment for your bald wife), entice them into buying a lavish item (David Beckham has this gold plated toothbrush you can get one too) or have a look at these from my salesman days:

    Sheep factor - everyone else has got a shiny gold iPhone, you NEED one too.
    Excitement - FUCK look at this new iPhone, it's fucking amazing, it does 13 new things compared to the last one...
    Fear of Loss - FUCK, quick buy one now as there are only 3 left and selling every 4.2 minutes. You've got 8 seconds to decide before there's only 2 left.

    Balls, can't remember the rest but TBH those are pretty much what all advertisers do. 

  • Some really good points there. Thx.
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