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Google Passed Proxies are not working

Hi I have owned the software since is first came out and I can say I got awesome results in terms of getting really google passed proxies I could use for scraping with scrapebox, now as of the last 3 - 4 months I have had nothing but issues with the apparent 'google passed proxies' its exporting. 

At this point I have tried numerous settings to get good google pass proxies and test them with scrapebox and not 1 proxy is passing scrapebox testing.

Any tips on this would be awesome. Before I was scraping heaps now I cant scrape google at all with the google proxies PS is giving me. Help please 


  • SvenSven
    1. Make sure you use just SOCKs/WEB proxies here as ScrapeBox can not handle CONNECT type proxies.
    2. Make sure you export in the correct format. There is an export template included that exports in ScrapeBox format where socks-proxies have to be formatted as: S127.0.0.1:8080
  • Hi Sven thanks for the advice, however google tagged proxies are still not working with google scraping even after the proxies have been tried and tested and confirmed by PS. 

    Nothing seems to be matching up with the experience i had with the software only months ago its now, am i missing something

    Here is a quick export PS made after scraping and confirming google passed proxies

    Here are my export settings which includes all regions ticked

    Thanks in advance

  • SvenSven
    what do you use as test scripts?
  • For now I am using Proxy scrapers default settings to check proxies if they are compatible with google scraping then I plug those supposed google checked proxies into scrapebox to see if it will ork with google and those are the results. 

    I dont use any test scripts
  • SvenSven
    no I mean in options you can choose where to check the proxies against. There you should check Google and some other Anonymous test scripts.
  • Yes I have Google Search, Majestic and Scrapebox turned on

    I am also trying to use the metric tool on PS but it dont work?
    I keep getting all matter of errors in regards to 500 errors and other things like that 
    I recorded a video of here for your inspections

  • SvenSven
    thats another topic however I would suggest you to use some "Anonymity" test scripts and skip the scrapebox one.
  • @OP
    Since 3-4 months google changed many things and harvesting is  harder and harder. Its also harder to find google passed proxies. Its not releated to Proxy Scrpaer, Scrapebox or any other tool - its releated to google.

    When it comest to SB proxy checking.
    SB is not holy grail of proxy checkers, its not reliable, it gives false negative results. I would say Sven software give way more accurate results than SB. I tested this myself few months ago:

    I tested proxies with SB, GSA Proxy Scraper and my own proxy checker. GSA Proxy scraper gave results very close to my proxy checker (and im 100% sure my tool is actually working). SB was not accurate.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @johnny6667 - Scrapebox has said not to retest the proxies in SB. If you use a public proxy scraper, its best to just load them directly into the tool after they've shown as "good" instead of retesting.
  • @sven same things happening to me with URL metrics just like johny66's video.
  • try to find better methods for scraping that dont rely on google, like web crawling
  • All valid points which has given me a new perspective, so thanks for all the positive replies.
    Thanks @sven for being awesome, the Anonymity script has helped a little bit in terms of using google scraping, I have been testing and I am using Google API, bing, webcrawler which have been doing ok in terms of supplementing google searches. 

    One thing that is still of a concern is the metric script, which would be awesome to get working -- If there are any tips to get it working please share. On the flip side -- Anyone know a program similar to this script which is can mass check metrics from majestic and Moz?

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