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200 lpm

GoTRooTGoTRooT Malta
edited April 2016 in Other / Mixed

2 projects, plenty of threads, 195 dedicated private proxies.

1 Server sorting and filtering my multiple list sources and de-duping another one with hrefer and so on and so on.

Was running at 400lpm steady this morning.



  • Ah yes, the elusive first post bragging thread. I did this once and everyone ripped me apart- it was embarrassing in the end. 

    So I'm just gonna start posting pictures of pandas on every one of these threads. 

  • cherubcherub
    Registers, posts bragging thread. Incoming sales thread?
  • GoTRooTGoTRooT Malta
    edited April 2016
    Guru training available.


    RRP $9978

    Take action now to avoid dissapoinment.

    Bonus half hour for powerpoint presentation of me on yachts. (RRP 5K)

    Thats a full 90 minutes with me, live and direct on skype from India.
  • @GoTRooT Shut up and take my money! :)

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I posted a 1300lpm thread today, only to get slapped twice for sharing it. I wasted 1,5 hours on creating images sending them to postimg and creating a full article explaining how I did it, than it was live for +- 10 minutes... shared it to 2 guys on skype and they said what the fuck are you doing.. your giving away your methods.. 

    I replied.. "i only wanted to hear how good I am" 
  • shaunshaun
    edited April 2016
    Just to put your 200 lpm with only two projects in perspective.....


    Here's my main rig running 273 lpm with 330 active projects at 99.80% DoFollow....


    Here's it is a week or so ago just after I got it during optimisation running at  944 LPM with 10 active projects at 98.90% DoFollow.

    I have removed all sensitive info I can think of from the images (its late might have missed something) but I have left the date time group stamp on the links in the verified box. The 330 image is T1 and T2 link building so actual articles and some non con platforms are being used, no Joomla K2, PHPWeb, Profiles or some of the random crap SER says is contextual included. The 10 project image is just optimisation so running a basic non con list, that's why its captcha requests are so low.

    I know SER hasnt been running long in either image either but the first image was taken around two hours after I carried out my daily servicing so its stats were wiped and the first image was optimising the server around an hour after I got it but LPM usually hovers between 250-300 with 330 active projects right now.

    Another thing, I don't know your methods OP but most people seem to get between 5%-30% of their LPM as VPM. With my method I estimate I get between 80%-90% of my LPM as VPM.

  • Except those are like all general blog posts... Aka basically not exactly the most valuable posts
  • shaunshaun
    edited April 2016
    It's far from "all general blog posts", around 2000 of the 15000 list is General blogs. 

    Just out of curiosity, have you done any testing with general blogs to gauge their usefulness? I used to have the same opinion as you until my old method was patched out a few month back so I carried out some MAJOR testing and they have become a staple of my SER profile now.

    Many people say "contextuals" from SER are the most powerful not really understanding what SER classes as contextuals. I feel around half of the platforms SER class as contextual are actually a waste of time and system resources but people never test the platforms as gurus and people who have released false information in the past to increase list sales have preached the importance of "Contextuals" without actually breaking it down.

    To my understanding the general blogs platform is similar to the "contextuals" filter on SER, the platform covers more than one blog type. Some are useful, so are not. The key is to test, test, test and test again.

    I have test projects around the 6-8 week old mark with no backlinks created outside of SER on the first page now, expecting to have them in the top 3 in around a month or so using the exact same link types in the 330 active project screenshot. I see yourself and a few other people saying that its bad to use SER on T1 but I have some old projects 2+ years old with a backlink profile of nothing but SER backlinks using a similar method to the one I have going here still going strong. I moved away from that method as it took a long time to get to the first page but it seems like I have developed a way to bring the time to rank down to a reasonable time frame.

    [edit] Just realised my word count in this thread! I should start some bullshit guru blog and start dropping links to it all over the forum rather than just posting the info here for everyone! Help get myself in with the trendy kids! :p
  • shaunshaun
    edited April 2016
    So I was curious as to why you though they were all general blog comments. Just got back home and checked here's the results for the massive project.....


    As you can see, general blogs make up 464 urls of 155,837 less than 0.3% of the total verified link profile. The only thing I can think of is that you mistook the blog comment icon in the verified URLs box to mean general blogs but it is actually used in most of the blog comments. It would be difficult to swell a project of that size with that LPM and that DoFollow rate with a majority of General blogs......

    BigGulpsHuhWelp  I should really start billing you for the amount of time I put into teaching you on here, I bill some of the guys I coach when I have free time for a lot less than this lol. Anyway, I have noticed the majority of your replies to stuff I post are either negative or trying (and failing) to shoot it down and with my forum time becoming more and more limited each week I don't have time for it anymore so I won't be replying to your comments, questions or private messages anymore as it is massively unproductive for me.

    @Everyone I know there has not been many valuable shares here recently and tbh I would have preferred not to share it but that screenshot shows the platforms I am using to take pages from being brand new and not in the Google index to the first page within two month. No links from outside of SER were used on the test sites or test pages. I know many of the guys new to SER let their lists fill up with crap that ends up wasting their system resource or risking the integrity of their tiers. Hopfully a few of you will be able to use this infomation to increase your LPM, useful URL count, and rankings in Google :).

    [Edit] This is a goal I set myself about a month ago and saw the sats live on my server for the first time last night then again today so thought I would share :). Uses the platforms stated above with some twists. SER running 325 active projects at 255 LPM with 100% DoFollow! :D I know its only over the past 1000 URLs but its a little goal I set myself and I am happy I achieved it lol.

  • @shaun

    I'll make an effort to be more supportive of people on here- less negative.  I try to keep my ratio between do and no follow closer to 80:20... you wouldn't want 100% as it looks unnatural.
  • Love these posts and how everyone gets all shirty over them.

    Let's start a new thread with rankings of competitive keywords....because that's all that matters.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Let's start with a "payday loan" related term in the UK. Seems to be ranking off GSA alone at number 1. Don't want to out someone here so won't say more than that.  :)
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