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GSA SER addon feature request - working Metrics

Hi @Sven is there a chance for you to develop a better filtration for links in gsa? Like Since theres no support and update anymore from i was thinking that you could develop a far more better and efficient addon for gsa ser?


  • SvenSven
    Actually I could, but the problem is that the MOZ API is currently not usable as they try to stop any none proper use of there API. We can not add that at least as we have to follow there terms of course.
  • How about majestic?
  • SvenSven
    I guess thats the same over a long run. However I will think of a solution here.
  • Great :) hoping @sven could make it possible and be in the latest trend with metrics
  • I support this ! Since Prjacker seems gone
  • Rip @emptee

    good night, sweet prince.
  • @sven
    you can let users set up their moz api . 
    it is only like captcha server ......
    i think it is the best solution

  • If you can include a faster way to filter out specific sites such as porn that would be great.
  • definitely moz / ahrefs / majestic metrics would be a great solution to implement into SER - users will have to purchase api keys or pay for accounts but you can easily get those from fiverr for cheap.
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