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Has anyone tried Ser Powerhouse? Opinions?

Since a couple of days I'm getting (massive) emails promoting this new tool Ser Powerhouse, from the creator of Kontent Machine.
It seems a good tool, but last time I bought something promoted by the same emails, I had soon to ask refund because of its low quality.

Any opinion? Anyway it seems new, so maybe nobody knows it.... I searched on google, but I can't find any review.



  • shaunshaun
    Got the same emails, been talking to Devin about it.

    As you said it looks good, I ticketed the KM guy about it with a few questions and he gave pretty ambigious answers so im going to dodge it for now and wait for people to use it first I think. The KM team always pull that price reduction count down timer crap, pretty sure it is still running on the KM main page so I doubt this will increase in price its just a sales tactic so there no harm in waiting.
  • Will have to wait for a real video walk through about it and feedbacks
  • shaunshaun
    Dont get your hopes up for truthful feedback, the gurus will make videos and reviews saying it is essential to get commissions and most the noobs will follow blindly without testing it.
  • Nah haha. Oh yeah. Well will see. Will not purchase it anyways i got what i need in Km and macros
  • I'd much rather see KM actually fix their content system rather than see them pushing a new tool- half the time KM3 doesn't even have relevant content and its just impossible to read. 
  • Hey Shaun,

    I just took a look at your ticket and I can't find any ambiguity in our answer. 

    Let me know what you don't understand.

    The "price reduction countdown crap" is for our internal launch only. Then we are closing the cart and we'll be preparing for the 'real' launch.

  • Probably best to just wait and see what people think before you jump on board. 
  • Well, I was gonna Try it out.  I however had a few suggestions that would honestly be a Game changer for me if KM could implement these few things.  If you are interested at all in hearing them please let me know through PM.  @kontentmachine
  • Yes, just recently brought ser powerhouse from this site. Just got hands in it, so let's see how it goes would definitely share my feedback after using it.
  • well if you understand how to use SER and all its features I dont see the point of this software at all except for the continual 'content feeding' feature, which, if your articles are spun well enough, should already be able to generate thousands of unique versions

    i mean they designed this for one of their VAs so they could easily create campaigns because of all the options SER has. if you know how SER works at its inner level, i can't see the point in using this. i just duplicate my existing projects that are setup the way i want and change only the needed things
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