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I can see my alexa getting worse every day

I have a doubt.. please clear this..

I have been using GSA since 31.03.2016 to today (11 days). I have clear report of my Alexa ranking and keyword ranking from starting to now .. 
I can see my alexa getting worse every day and there is no any improvement in keyword ranking too. (using SERPCloud for checking keyword ranking)  

I have gone through many YouTube GSA guide videos and these are the exact filter settings I have done.. please checkout the screenshots properly and advice me what's the wrong in my project or what I want to do to increase ranking in serp and alexa... 

1. I am using 10 shared private proxies
2. using unique yahoo mail for the each new/duplicate project
3. using GSA default (gsa) captcha breaker 
4. using GSA Indexer
5. using WAC (Wicked Article Creator) to fill contents

* filtered only USA , Uk and Canada Search Engine
* filtered PR 6 - 10
* set threads as 80


These are the  of the GSA filter settings :
also if you want I can send GSA verified links details too


  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Forget Alexa, and forget checking ranks every day. If you aren't prepared to take a risk without checking your daily "rank" then delete SER. Alexa is meaningless.
  • If you check ranks every day, it actually hurts your SEO efforts. One a month.
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