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I have anchors and links of competitor how to copy them 1:1 ?

From ahres i have all links and anchors for them of my competitor.

I would like to run a test where i TRY [where possible] to put on same URLs [or at least same domains] same anchors as he have.
He had 1-2 pages advantage of me in Google.

How can this be achieved easily? I have this is cvs for now.


  • SvenSven
    you would take all those URLs and put it into SER or Platform Identifier to see if it is based on a supported engine. Then you import those in a project and submit to the same targets.
  • ok but hwta if he has 10 anchors and i want to exactly use same 10 on same spots? if you know what i mean
  • SvenSven
    you need to create a project for each anchor and add relevant urls as target there where you defined that only anchor.
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