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Use proxies for PR is very slow

edited February 2013 in Bugs
Hi Sven, I think there is a bug when using proxies for PR checking.

When the option to use proxies for PR checking is unticked everything works as expected and I get about 50 - 100 LPM and pr checks are performed one after another until my IP is banned by google.

However when I tick the option to use proxies for PR checking my LPM drops to about 5 - 10 LPM and pr checks are performed infrequently, then when i click stop, SER seems to perform a lot of PR checks at once.

Its almost as if there is a huge delay between pr checks when using proxies and no delay when not using proxies.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    PR checks can get your proxies temp banned. That's why it's slow.

    I think Sven is working on the use of proxy module somehow and is aware of this. A solution would be to allow different proxies for scraping, posting and PR checks. 
  • Keeping proxies alive is a good thing but having 20x more IPs and getting a 10x reduction in posting speed feels more like a bug than a feature.

    Perhaps what is needed is a configurable time delay per IP address similar to the one used for searching.
  • I think see whats happening.

    If using 100 theads as an example:

    When not using proxies for pr checking, it seems that 1 thread is checking for pr and the other 99 threads are doing there own things. Giving a normal rate of LPM.

    However, when I AM using proxies for pr checking, eventually all 100 threads seem to be trying to do pr checks at once, but because concurrent pr checks are not allowed, each thread has to wait for the one in front of it to finish. So at that point I am effectively using only 1 thread and my LPM drops through the floor.

    Does this sound correct?
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