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Tier-2 Project not running if tier-1's status is set as Inactive

I would like to only run tier-2 project to build links for tier-1 project, 
but Start button not working if the tier-1's status is set as Inactive.
Any suggestion to solve this problem? 
Thank you!



  • Even Tier-1 is running, the Tier-2 project doesn't working... need help..
  • image

    If I uncheck this checkbox, and import links manually, the project works.
    Looks like the Tier-2 project can't get links from Tier-1 project... how to solve this problem?

  • SvenSven
    you might have used a tier filter here?
  • Yes. I used tier filter "URLs age in days" => 1-30

    I unchecked it and it works now.... just don't know why
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