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CPU Overload

Two weeks ago the SER started having performance issues, all-consuming the server CPU and a lot of RAM memory, moreover it make very few link posts (around 0.8 LpM). Before having these issues the software worked quite good with the same configurations and proxy (one project at a time, 100 thread limit, 10 private proxy).

I'm using an azure server (4 core - CPU 3.2 Xenon, 8G RAM, windows 10) and the last version of GSA SER 10..73

Its really strange because until 2 weeks ago the software worked well and I have not changed anything. I already tried to reinstall the software and also to create e new server on azure but always the same issues.

I really would like to resolve this problem and use SER, do you have any advise? it could depend on the azure platform? 

Thank's in advance


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