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Bought Package from Wicked Article Creator and no support


I recently bought the basic package from WAC to see overall if it was any good. In the last 3 days I have sent two tickets to them and had not one reply. I was supposed to be sent an email regarding a voucher to give DeathByCaptcha as part of a special offer and also sent asking where to find my WAC ID. 

Has anyone else had any dealings with them and does anyone know how I can contact them? I know they post on this forum so I could PM them but I dont know the Username.

I am starting to feel that I should have paid extra and bought Article Builder package instead :(


  • I think WAC is dead... They have the highest affiliate payout for a reason!
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Should go for Kontent Machine instead
  • thanks for the answers. With kontent macine, does it integrate straight into GSA or do I have to load it up and then export to GSA?
  • No, there's an API key you import into SER, so you can just directly import from the cloud.
  • Okay great. This is what I expected from WAC and they have not sent me any WAC ID or anything.
  • The product itself is dead, I dont think they respond to people anymore. Like PR Jacker. 
  • Okay thanks for the heads up. Can you tell me which is best between Article Builder and Kontent Machine?
  • Okay so I just decided to go for Kontent machine as royalmice has said. Entered my API and it said no campaigns uploaded. So I guess I create a campaign and upload it but I am not sure which option to use to upload. Do I upload to the cloud?
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