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GSA Startup questions

ArtoAllanArtoAllan Denmark
edited April 2016 in Need Help
Hello Guys.
So recently I made a post asking for some help. However, here I have more point focused help thread.

My setup is running on my own computer right now.
  • No gsa list(Want to scrape my own)
  • 20 shared private proxies from buyproxies
  • I7 quad core CPU
  • 8GB Ram Kingston
  • 100/90mbit connection(NON SHARED)
  • GSA Captcha breaker + Indexer
    (CPU useage: 2-5%, Memory useage: 750MB, proxies 20|70)

So, I will put up my problems in points below:

  • Captcha breaker: Recognized 0/0 - Seems like the capcha breaker isnt working with GSA, even if I did set it to use GSA CB in the gsa settings.
  • Threads: In setup I've threads to maximum 300, however it uses 0-50 threads, never goes up.
  • Scraper: How do I scrape my own URL lists, without using GSA Ser for it?

So my question is now, how on earth do I optimize GSA so its actually can do something for my seo? 
I've followed a youtube guide from Math or something(Known seo/gsa'er), so my settings should be alright.

My goals with GSA to hit around 50-100vpm, and hopefully being able to do 10-30 vpm with high quality(+3 PR). However, since I mainly target danish websites, I will have to scrape a danish list.

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