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Did I burn my site in 1 week wtih 1000lpm ?

so the clue is in the title.. i seen this week a massive drop in organic traffic. seriously down to 0 last 2 days (previous week when started it 130) this week.. 23 organic. last 2days zero from search engines.

site is new.. and I blasted it full ' no fuck given ' seo style with gsa ser and created 2.3 million backlinks in couple days (like 3 - 4 days)

spread out to different directories homelage of my domain (/de /nl /fr) and so on..
and i checked with ahrefs about 7k backlinks on main domain.. others even lower.
i do add my sites in search console and no unnatural links messages found there. and google is picking up my backlinks slowly (88 so far spread around all my domain and dirs)

but the drop in organic searches is what bothers me the most.
is this "dancing with google" like i read bout some churn & burn articles.
or is this "dancing with google out of their index"

another thing to add is I scraped relevant links with scrapebox only and did not let gsa find the links.. i used mostly general blogs and joomla k2 to get highest succes rate and high lpm vpm.

private proxies 100... and all directly to money site...

can i say goodbye to it after these 3-4 days GSA blast of allmost 2.3 million backlinks?
or will it jump up again..

please comfort me GSA SER users!!! otherwise im making a great article how great churn and burn is in 2016 (which i havent found yet)


  • Are your tracking your rankings for your keywords? Have you checked if the domain is still indexed in Google? Did you really build 2 million links straight to the site or you used tiers? I've never done such massive link building to a new domain, but my guess is if you aren't already, you'll get deindexed as soon as Google picks up more of those links.
  • K2s are bad links dude. Check that your site is still indexed by searching 

    and see if any/all pages are shown. If none are there or some are missing then you may have a penalty or partial penalty if you just focused on one page. If all are there, keep on doing that for a few days to see if anything happens or changed.

    To be honest, G will probably see it as negative SEO and not even count them or won't count them for long as K2s are shit. 

    I've tested similar and you may get away with, depending on what niche you're in. I find 'blasts' of 20-30k a better way to go, think viral news but again that depends on what niche you're in. An accountant in New York isn't going to have anything viral about them, so you'd probably get flagged for a penalty.

    Just keep an eye on it, I'd be interested to hear what happens. 
  • Uhh are you blasting directly at a web page  with just 1 tier? That's bad. Like really really bad. haha. I dont think C and B would work these days, especially not with SER.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Totally unnatural link growth, search engines would pick this up in no time and take action on your website. Old school is the best: Build slow, Build consistent, Build naturally, Build relevant......
  • shaunshaun
    To me it looks like too much of a coincidence not to be linked. Did you use a T2 on these links? I have done various testing that has shown SER contextual links don't get indexed for shit without a T2, and only a very very small number get indexed with the use of an indexing service.

    Also, lolz at the natural/unnatural link growth comment.
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