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Hi, I have used RankerX now about two weeks, and it works fine. But mostly nofollow links.. I have chosen only webprofile, socialnetwork, articledirectories for tier 1

I just want to know how to use rankerx efficiently with gsa ser?

Thank you


  • I made a video about this-- you need to be careful using RankerX for t1. 

  • pippilpippil Finland
    Thanks, I think you have to adjust your voice to more comfortable for next videos ;)  Horrible echo..

    Sorry my English I hope you understand

  • Echo? You couldn't hear? Or was it too quiet?
  • pippilpippil Finland
    edited April 2016
    No it's not quiet, it's just not natural.. I understand your speaking very well but your voice/sound should be much more clearer

  • pippilpippil Finland
    Sorry all of that...

    Keep doing good stuff, i watched your great video

  • Use your private network for blogs, download the account info from FCS networker and use it in Ranker X
    Now you have a quality tier 1
  • I also using RankerX. It's really best SEO tools for Tier1. YOu should use Social Network, Article Directory, PDF (85% do-follow) and Web 2.0 Platform (80% do-follow) else Web 2.0 Profile (premium) petty great but 65% is no-follow. I thought you got it very cheap
  • edited April 2016

    Yikes, Article directories and social networks as t1. You can also get 25% off using BuyNow coupon code.

  • BigGulpsHuhWelpBigGulpsHuhWelp

    Thank you so much.
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