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How use GSA in Full Speed?

Hi. I see little problem:
My SER is setup on 400 threads, but use just 236!!
I have a lot free CPU, Memory, and bandwith.. what can be a problem?
I wold like it to use on full speed...


  • Scrape a big list, import it directly into projects. Should see your lpm max out. Youre getting a solid LPM here, so I wouldn't be too worried about it. But its probably your list. 
  • Thanks, i scrape my list and i import it directly...
  • And its still not maxing out your threads? Weird.
  • sometimes, it's varying, but very rarely in full thread number
  • Your screen says you don't use proxy. Am I correct
  • shaunshaun
    Try creating more projects or duplicating some existing ones to see the effect, sometimes SER can struggle to maximise thread usage depending on what those projects are doing.
  • Yes, i'm not usig proxy, i'm using vpn, but i also have free bandwith...
  • Best way to use GSA in Full Speed:

    Better speed are consider based on varies factors. some of them are
    • Higher configured and performace machine.
    • Better Internet connection
    • Free list of GSA SER varified links.
    By doing the performance in all those area. so we can run GSA SER much faster the normal one.
  • @ashok

    We know you are just here to blatantly promote your products... Nobody Is Buying it mate.
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