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Antigate NOCAPTCHA support

Hi @Sven I searched but couldn't find any mention of it. Antigate now supports this annoying CAPTCHA, I can't see any of these in my Antigate account so I don't know if it's supported or not?


We now support new Goolge No-Captcha 4x4 (select all squares with something). Send parameter "type” with value “recaptcha2_44” and our workers will see it in appropriate interface.

We’ve also made a special settings page - Recaptcha Tuning, for those who send recaptchas without any parameters, as simple captchas. This setting overrides API requirements and lets your recaptchas to be processed normally.

UPDATE 10.02. Added support for 2x4 captcha. Send parameter type=recaptcha2_24 for such captchas.


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