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Trying to set up GSA Ser for decent quality links

Hello guys.
I am working as a seo tech and web developer in a danish web agency. Our customers are professional companies. I am trying to test something out where I want to try out GSA to create what you could call "High quality GSA links". This dosnt mean I need to create perfect backlinks, but backlinks which would be considered as close to a good link you could create on your own. (Considering the custom option in gsa)

Anyway, it have been years since I used gsa last time, and I recently installed it again. So I right now I am asking if someone has good experience with GSA who could help me out here.

I am willing to pay/trade services for the help, if needed. Otherwise I would leave the information/help I get on the forum to help others.

Feel free to share your tips and tricks with gsa SER & and if anyone is willing to join me on teamviewer I would be more than happy.


  • You can get everything you need on here for free.

    If you want high quality content you need to write it yourself and then spin it using TBS or something like that. 

    Hand pick out site targets and engines.

    Dont buy any lists- scrape them yourself. 

  • ArtoAllanArtoAllan Denmark
    edited April 2016
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp -  Yea, the thing is I am trying to do this for ranking in Denmark on google. So I would need alot of danish websites, and I have no experience with scraping my own links. Right now I have GSA Ser to find the urls on it its, but I've been running it for around 24 hours now, and only 50 submitted, 2 verified. I am not running with any other captchas and only 1 email right now tho. But I still feel this is really low, and the scraped urls are not danish at all... think I have 1 danish verified link
  • @ArtoAllan

    You should be able to do that... but you are going to need to scrape a lot of links. You can filter out by location in options. I would set it so that SER only posts to websites with the language you speak, and only from countries related to Denmark (other Scandinavian countries maybe like Sweden, Norway, etc.). You just want it to look reigonally specific. 
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp
    Any good tools or how do I scrape lists to post to?
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