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Success with SER internal article scraper

I am using SER internal article scraper and have got limited success with most of my keywords stuck at page 3. Also most of my verified links were removed after reverify. Has anybody got success using the internal article scraper or are most of the people using external article scrapers like KM? I am using ser on the 2nd tier. How unique is the content generated by KM keeping in mind it scrapes already indexed content? How readable is it? and how is the indexation rate of this content?


  • vinvin
    edited April 2016
    I checked the content placed by ser on verified links. It came out to be around 40 to 50 % unique but is of readable quality. I think a uniqueness of 70 to 80 % is reqd. Will KM, sCM, content foundry, WAC, article scrape chief, instant article wizard or any other scraper achieve this? Has anyone tested their verified links created by KM with copyscape? Can you let me know the uniqueness and readability? Pls post the stats of any of these content creator tools.
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