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proxy scraper niggles

Hi I have been using the scraper fro a few weeks now,
here are some observations
after running it for say 4 hours it picks up about 1400 proxies when these are exported and tested in say gsr it leaves about 180 working? is this correct
when you tick the box not to export say connect proxys it still exports them?
anyway I think it is a good bit of software



  • SvenSven
    it will not export connect proxies if you do not check that in export filters. I can not reproduce that.
    those 180 working proxies might be due to different tests you do in SER or other timeouts.
  • the software also leeks the ip address even on 100 threads the output of proxy's is very poor and of very low quality. needs a lot of work and not worth the money
  • @barrymoore12

    there is a service through BHW from a guy called ProxyGo, he does daily proxies through a skype group. Good, reliable service. 
  • hey thanks for the information that s very kind ill check him out

  • edited April 2016
    He wont sell to new users, or users with low post count, unless you convince him otherwise.  If you want to learn more about his stuff, you can see an interview with him here:

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