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Access Violation

When I try to do a full backup of all projects, I get an access violation error something to do with the gsa search engine ranker.exe?


  • I run a couple of instances with *heavy* lists and projects; never experienced that kind of behavior before.

    How many projects are we talking about here? Do you save the lists as well? In very rare cases, some weirdly encoded characters might be involved. If yes, try exporting a backup without the lists.
  • SvenSven
    @kccan can you make a screenshot?
  • @sven thank you here you go maybe its do many projects never had an issue beforeimage
  • SvenSven
    very strange as this should never happen. You should get a "bugreport" window where things like that would be handled.
    Is this somehow reproduceable? If so, can you send me the project and settings to try it myself?
  • @sven thanks for the response, I know you are busy, I am able to backup a single project, I like to back them all up at one time by selecting backup all projects, thus I get the error.

    How would I send you a project and its settings, as I said a single project will backup? Could be issue with VPS?

    Thank you
  • same issue even after update? should I back up one at a time
  • SvenSven
    hmm might be VPS related indeed. But hard to say. Can you get me access to it?
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