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finding a person with his email

Hello guys!
I need to find out how I can find a person "behind" an email!
Let me explain please - I´ve "met" a nice man on a chatroom in Germany and he tells me the nicest things ever and after a while he asked me if I want to meet him in Paris, where he lives.
I...stupid as I am°°...took a train to Paris, payed 200 euro for this trip...arrived there one was there.
So, don´t tell me that I am a stupid girl because I know that! All I want is to find out who is the person behind this emails.
I need to find that to come away from that, that´s just important for me.
I´m not a great hero at pc and so technical things I am really not so good...
So I hope someone here can help me, telling me how to find someone like this catfish!
I tryed to find this person with the ip in text of the headder of the email but all I get there is the location of the this case Microsoft and Bill is not the guy I am looking for for sure!^^
Please help me!
Thank you,
greets from Germany!


  • This seems super sketchy and weird- I don't think anyone will help you here. This forum is just for GSA not whatever sketchy weird shit you are trying to do. 
  • @sven

    Do you think this is weird too?
  • SvenSven
    well hard to say, ip she/he registered with is at least from a german ISP.
  • silke1silke1 Germany don´t have to help me problem...who knows, maybe I am wrong here^^no deal. but....i don´t try to do something strange, you missunderstood that. be calm...
  • SvenSven
    ok the fact that you reply here seems ok for me and shows you are no bot at least.
    The software we support here can not locate any person directly to an email. What you need to do is search for that email online using google. Then move on collecting some data from there and do your social engenering.
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