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posting Reply to fourms

MonsterEGMonsterEG Unspecified
Hello , Gsa Ser Ranker users i would like to ask about importing forums topics into Gsa ser ranker for posting reply, i tried to do it but i failed .

so i'm looking for buld reply in one forum , how i could do this with gsa ser ranker ?? 


  • afaik you can only use gsa to start new thread in forums. 

    A reply feature would indeed be quite interesting though, yet pretty complex to implement AND configure.
  • SvenSven
    yes, SER can only create new threads. You can however script things differently to take any present thread and reply to that. Im no fan of this forum spamming so it's not even enabled by default.
  • MonsterEGMonsterEG Unspecified
    could you let me know  Sven please how i can choose and post to any category i want using SER , 

    Lets say if would like to post content to this forum 

    and i have already registered manually and i have user and password .

    how i can post content to this forum ?
  • SvenSven
    you have to script it, change the script using the scrip manual.
  • @Sven I completely understand why forum threads are turned off by default... yet scripting a thread with a couple of registered users might be very interesting. But too complex for script kiddies :)
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  • johnwickjohnwick United state
    thank you so much for giving us great advise.
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