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Can anyone tell me if it is wise to use more than one indexer? Wiuld it hurt or is it best to use just one?

Thanks for help.


  • Simple questions, complex answer: Yes and no.

    gsa indexer is great if you have plenty VPS ressources. Depending on the tiered structure of your products, you could also make our "outer" tiers work as indexers - or use no indexers at all.

    That's a point many users overlook: When you restrict your 1st tier links to hq domains, there is no need for addtional indexing, as Google will crawl those sites anyways.

    If, on the other hand though, you blast out huge amounts of lq / mediocre links, indexing might make more of a difference.

    Personally, I find a indexification offers good value and nice success rates.
  • So there is no need for more than one?

    At the moment I have 


    Is this too much and would you say I could safely downsize to maybe just indexification and also maybe have GSA indexer as well?

    Thanks for your advice.

  • How important is a 10% crawl rate difference (at max) for you? Or how much do you want to spend on that?

    I tried gsa indexer - it eats up a lot of ressources, might work well on a dedicated VPS. But then again that's more expensive than all indexing services :)

    If I were you, I'd downsize the indexing setup and spend the money on 3rd level anti catpchas or more proxies. One can never have enough proxies :)
  • okay, Thank you for your advice.
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