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Port Scanning


Can anyone tell me where to get or which IP to use when scanning for proxies using proxy scraper?



  • The ol' hen-and-egg problem. You need some proxies to scrape proxies :9
  • I have semi-dedicated proxies already from buy proxies but trying to save a buck or two here :)

    Are the proxies I scrape using proxy scraper the same quality and do the same job as the ones I currently buy from buy proxies?

    Also I did notice that one of these options asked me to input an IP to scan the port for proxies!!??

  • The quality differs greatly!! 

    Proxy scraper does find some nice, reliable proxies - but you never know if those are going to die in the middle of a submission.

    About the other thread: reduce your setup to one indexing service and buy dedicated buyproxies instead. They're the best.
  • Thank you and would you suggest Indexification or GSA Indexer?

    Or any other that may build backlinks to URLs when they are submitted?

  • P.S I am running GSA on a VPS as below. 

    Xeon E3/E5 CPU
    8 Cores
    80GB SSD ENT.
    WIN2008 R2 / 2012 R2

  • How many GSA threads? What about your average CPU usage?

    If you've got enough ressources left, GSA indexer will do just fine... I'd try both for a month, compare the stats and decide afterwards which one you're going to go with in the long run.
  • Well I can run 800 threads without any problems (haven't tried more than that) and the CPU average fluctuates up to only 4% and back to 0% again, so no problems really.

    Okay I will take your advice and try both. Only problem is, how will I know which one has indexed the URL?
  • @monitorr Set up two identical projects, use gsa indexer on one and your 3rd party indexer on the other. Compare results after 1 month.
  • Okay I will try that but ultimately, will it hurt if I run bith GSA Indexer and Indexification alongside each other would you say?
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