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GSA SER change and retry

DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
Greetings! Howdy! Und hallo! Salut fratii mei de pretutindeni!

I have a suggestion, not sure if it already exists. On Gscraper for example, I have two options I can use for proxies. Change and retry, and ignore. The first one gives more results, but it's slower, while the second is faster, but with worst results.

Does GSA Ser has such a feature when submitting? Or the failed folder contains also websites that are failed because of the proxies, and you cannot change that.

I would like to have an option to retry a submission with other proxies, if errors related to the proxies occur.

Thank you


  • SvenSven
    thats all happening automatically. SER can detect if a proxy was the problem and will retry with another one.
  • Salut Stefane, o sa scriu in engleza poate sunt interesati si altii de subiect.

    I've started a thread some time ago about the same subject and from what i understand from @Sven SER does grab a proxy tests it and retries max 3 times if the proxies don't work for the 3 times it skips the submission.

    On the other hand Gscraper retries until it finds a working proxy and continues the job.
    I was interested in this feature also because it would have saved some money on proxies
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    Salut Bogdan, and thanks Sven. I thought that it's possible to have failed websites because of the proxies, but if it retries 3 times and then just ignores the website for the moment, it's cool. Or does it flag the website as failed?

    I would also like the change and retry for more than 3 times if possible.
  • SvenSven
    more than 3 times is only possible from script engine, by default it is 3 times.
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    Could you please tell me how do I change that manually? I will test it a bit, and remember that updates will overwrite my settings. I looked around the Engine folder a bit, but could not find anything related to it.
  • SvenSven
    Download retries=<number>
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    Thanks. Me=Dennis the Mennace
  • Sven could you guide me to the path of the script engine ? Can't seem to find it .
    Thank you 
  • Sven lol thought that the "script engine" was a file in the installation folder or in AppData that has to be changed, not the script manual.
    From what i understand with my noobish understanding in SER scripting the line "Download retries=<number>" has to be inputted in every engine file for every platform ?
    If yes does it matter where you input the line (beginning of the file or any special place ?).
    Do you think you could add this as a feature where you could add the number of retries as a dropdown inside the software ?
    Thank you 

  • SvenSven
    it should be placed in the section something is downloaded/submitted
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