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combining SE feature and global linklist

Hi @Sven,

I am using this service of SeRocket Linklist,  which is managed with a custom search engine that returns verified contextual target., and I have a updated "verified" linklist.. What is best practise here? Also, is there an easy way to change these settings:
globally, among different tiers with different settings? So I can quickly test which one is faster, for example.?


  • Ok, so I found the "edit single option for all" function. But how to tick:
    Use URLs from global list if enabled - Verified
    for all selected projects? I stared and the list and tried a couple metioning "verfiied urls" or similar, but none did the trick..
  • SvenSven
    what you have to enter was explained in a different thread already. I just cant find it though.


    Now you do simple math for the value you 1+4 for identified and verified list = 5
  • Sweet. But what option from the dropdown? :)
  • SvenSven
    use site list type
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