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Suggestion for GSA SER and GSA CB (if developers are here reading, please check it)

Hi I have a suggestion about GSA SER and GSA CB.
Maybe I haven't figured it out yet and this option is actually available, if so please help me out !

so I have done some tests and managed to squeeze out the most I can out of my VPS by optimizing it.
And how I optimize it is pretty surprising to me becaues there are so many people online who explain how to get higher lpm / vpm but 
I never seen someone do it like I am doing it, and because of this I would love if you "the developers" help me out even further on this idea 
by adding a feature for it.

So, How do it ?

first of all I skip the hard to solve captchas, basically I figured out that I am wasting CPU / Ram and time on letting
CB try to solve capthcas that it can not. 

I only use the footprints CB can solve with up to 90% succes rate.

thats it.. It's such a simple answer that I have never seen anywhere explain to people who have questions why their lpm /vpm is 10-40
I get with 50 threads around 100 lpm / 75 vpm and I am running right now on 350 threads around 600 lpm ( I just love it !!) 

But here's the thing I would love to see in the next updates!

I would love to extract footprints from GSA or CB based on CB's succes rate. 
this would be so much better for me, and for the people with a low lpm / vpm (your basically throwing them in the right direction and get less of these questions why their campaigns are running so slow) 

what I am doing now, is basically opening up CB, checking inside the checkboxes which engines have the highest succes rate, going to GSA SER footprints and trying to find them in there (and since they both arent in any logical A-Z order) this can be a real pain in the butt...

Having a simple "success rate %" either inside GSA (from CB) or to be able to extract footprints from CB would be helping me miles ahead with this.
And I think others too? even though I havent seen this answer a lot online.. But I am sure people will use it and be amazed how fast GSA can actually spam the internet with low cpu / low ram / low threads. 

amazing tool, make it even more amazing please :)


  • SvenSven
    You have this already. In project options you can right click on the engine selection and disable engines that have a low success rate based on the verified links it built.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    but I mean in order to scrape just these most succesful footprints you will have to do a lot of things in order to get them, open for example CB and find the footprints in GSA.

    Basically what your saying right now is what I am doing, but I want to scrape the best engines with the highest Succes rate, and for this it's really complicated to do. 

    how it would be easy is just having the % succes rate for example in the footprints shown, or in to export them directly from CB if that is possible. 

    Now, I have 2 windows open from CB and from GSA footprints, and trying to find what i see in CB in GSA to export in the best footprints in a text file. 

    I think this would be a great feature for the future ?
  • SvenSven
    why so complicated? Just let it run with all engines enabled for a while, then disable engines that perform bad for you (e.g. because CB can not solve captchas).
    In the end you submit to the platforms CB can solve captchas.
    Every not enabled engine is probably having a captcha which is hard to solve. You will siply not use that footprints then.
    Basically footprints from one engine will not be captcha specific as one engine is usually using the same captcha types.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I understand... but for the people who want to scrape urls.. it's very useful. But nevermind it's just a one time puzzle that i will do manually and save these footprints for scrapebox. Thanks anyways :)
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