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GSA inccorectly verifying links

I have set up a quick demo on a second GSR I have and run a verification 

The software ran and started to delete lots of links from the verification list.
problem is it says the links are not still live as follows :-
20:30:14: [-] 1835/1840 Re-Verification (round 1) of Joomla K2 not successful -

so if the software is removing links from its system it is not going to be building any second tier links and so on?
this is a major bug 


  • What sort of proxies are you using for verification?
  • a mixture of semis 
    and gsa proxy scraper although I am new to the software and finding it hard to work out, I output about 1300 proxies by the time gsr has tested them I end up with about 150

  • I wouldn't use scraped proxies for verification purposes, you'll end up with errors like you've experienced.
  • so do you think its the proxys failing on verification?
  • 99% of the time verification problems are a proxy issue.
  • what do you do in that instance? 
  • Don't use scraped/public proxies for verification...
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