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My 20 gig hard drive is full after only three months of usage

I went to download the latest version of GSA SER, and received a message advising me that there was not enough disk space to complete the download and installation. I assumed it was an error, but upon checking my server resources, i apparently have less than 100 MB of disk space left.
I am currently utilizing a VPS from power up hosting, with 20 gigabytes of storage capacity. I am fully aware that a huge chunk of that storage gets utilized by the windows server operating system, but there should have been approximately eight gigabytes of disk space left for me to play with.
At the moment i am only running GSA SER, along with the captcha breaker, what am i doing wrong as far as settings that would max out 8 gigabytes of storage in only three months.


  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Try removing duplicates from your site lists (Advanced -> Tools -> Remove Duplicates).
  • I really loved Poweruphosting when I had my VPS there but the level two package just wasn't enough for ser and cb along with windows and the updates. It was a constant battle with updates and storage space.
    Windows needs around 30GB disk space on the long run for updates and for who knows what.
    Anyway, if you are keen to stay with this package then make the hidden folders visible and locate the folders with the largest chunks of data and delete what you don't need. Be careful though. These folders are hidden for a reason.
    Also SER project files could get quite big if you import every data into projects individually instead of working with macros.
    Turning off the sitelists and captcha saving along with the regular cleaning that Hinkys mentioned above  could also save some extra bits here and there.
  • KaineKaine
    If you have enought Ram, unactive swap.
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