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tier 1 link building stopped working

Hi I have a 7 tier running at the moment
when I run it I set them all to active and pres start
they all start working except 2 tier 1 and tier 3
there is no reason for this they have not reached a limit but they don't turn green they stay white
any idea?
thank you


  • Ok I found if I stop the other tiers and just set tier 1 and 3 to active they work?
    is this somthing to do with threads or proxies I wounder

  • SvenSven
    shouldn't have anything to do with other tiers running or not.
  • Hi Sven thanks for getting back, I have found a major bug / problem
    I have building links every day for the last month.  I have just noticed that the links that are being built are being verified about every hour even though all the settings on all the tiers are set to 10000 before re verifieing
    now the majour problem is, is that the software is removing the links it has only just submitted hence why I have been unable to increase the verified links!!

    is this just me or is there a bug

    thank you Derek
  • SvenSven
    a link is not reverified if that interval is not matching. Check if that 10000 are really minutes and not seconds.
  • Hi it was set to minuets but I have now changed all the tiers to 6 days and have just set it running again so will let you know, thank you for getting back to me
  • hi Sven it has gone into verification with in 5 minuites of running and again started to delete the links it has built
  • and again its doing it about every 5 minutes
  • SvenSven
    maybe you see something that is not thre. "submitted" means just that...not verified. Show me the log entries that tell you it is deleting verified urls.
  • Hi yes ok where do I get to the log files please
    thank you
  • SvenSven
    right click on log window->copy all ... paste it to
  • here you go started it up this am first thing it done after 5 minutes was started to verify and delete
    how do I attache a file?
  • oh here is the link
    <script src="//"></script>
    <iframe src="//" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>
  • HI I unchecked the verify links completely but after a few minuets is still goes blue and starts deleting
    I have been running this software since January and it has only created 500 verified links as it keeps deleting them!!  I have had to stop the software until it is sorted becasue all this is doing is costing money
  • here is a prime eample
    13:49:44: [-] 100% Verification of not successful->removed - [Link]

    the link is there it has not been removed so now the system thinks its gone it will not build back links to it ?
  • emails probably burned out, or proxies are dead.
  • the email I am using is a catch all?
    the proxies are being harvested by gsa proxy scraper and as I say 20 semi from buy proxy
  • any comments Sven?
  • just set new proxies and checked emails
    started then after 5 minuets it has taken down over 1000 verified links even though I checked the box not to remove links even if not working?

    is this negative seo at work?
  • again this after noon new proxys new email address
    started with 6296 verified links over 7 tiers now it has been running for 1 and half hours and seems to go to verify most of the time and now it is down to 5974 
    after running for all this time and building just under 1000 other links

    So I am at a standstill the software is destroying it own links

    Any thing to say Sven???
  • It's not destroying the links, they are either getting dropped because of your settings, or something like that. I think it counts a verified account created as a verified link, then if it cant post a verified link both the verified's are dropped but i'm not sure exactly. That could explain your issues. 
  • I have been doing test and found that some link lists I purchased have been the issue!  GSREngines and Aisa virtual solutions.  I think when you stop paying for a new list you get turned off or something. Now I have deleted them both and some scripts I found in the identified list I am not getting the problem.

    I also found similar in linkindexer when I stopped paying he deleted all my links becasue I had a massive drop of links at the time I stopped the account!

    So the morel of the story don't use purchased lists, linkers or proxies as the company's turn on you !!
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