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edited March 2016 in GSA URL Redirect PRO
Hi I have been running gsa redirect pro for the last few days here is a list of problems
1 every url I put in says 404 and others.  If I choose carry on it builds links about 70 but does not do the other tiers?
2 the next run I do with another url its the same 404 or link is dead, although I check it first in the browser, but when it runs it gives no links at all, no matter what I do including changing the proxies and settings?
3 I am unable to import keywords as they are in text files and it will allow me to only choose 1 text file and then only puts in 1 keyword from the file?
4 As I said above it does not build the other to tiers

I hope you can help


  • SvenSven
    This sounds very strange to me as I can not verify or reproduce any of the stuff above.
    1+2. What you mean with 404 ? Is that an error in our software shown before you start the submission? If thats the case, then Im sure it is either some return or strange char at the end of your URL input field or some other wrong input.
    3. keywords to import is kind of useless. You have to add them to your URL in the same wormar as in SER like
    4. You mean the recursive mode? Did you use some filter here?
  • this is a link from one of gsa gsr links verified
    it comes up and says error code 404 link not alive ?
  • it only created 9 links? and no second or 3rd tier links?
    so I tired again with
    this one said error code 500 not alive so I pressed ignore
    it made only 16 links

  • SvenSven
    you use proxies?
  • yes a mixture of semi from buyproxy and gsa proxy scraper
    thank you
  • SvenSven
    ok that all might be a proxy issue i guess...just make sure proxies work correctly or try disableing them. I dont see a reason to use proxies here anyway.
  • so this time I ran it with proxies off and got 161 all 301s but again no recursves links
    will try again with another link and settings
  • this time 82 links, by the way I have pr set at 2 and above, all the links again are 301's apart from about 10

    tried again with a new link this time with"only links with keyword "set to off wow!

    I had to stop it a 6,500 links building all types pr2 up and 900 links per minute

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