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Dofollow back links

What is the best setting SER to submit blog comment website only dofollow back links?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited March 2016
    You can try a couple of things but keep in mind sometimes there's no way to tell if a link will be dofollow/nofollow until after the link is placed so it won't be perfect.

    One thing you can do is right click where you select the engines and choose "uncheck engines with no-follow links". Keep in mind some engines will make both dofollow and nofollow. (it will ask you if you want to check/uncheck these engines)


    You can also try enabling the "skip nofollow" option here:


    Other then that you can build up a dofollow verified list. You can right click on a project > show URLS > verified. Then right click in that window > select > dofollow.  Then right click again > export > selected (normal). Now you've exported a list of verified dofollow links. 

    You can build up a dofollow list that way, but it will take some time and not sure if its really worth the effort/time but its up to you. :)
  • Thank you very much sir.
  • @zakir375 In the long run, the number of stable dofollow links will also depend on the quality of your comments :-)

    @s4nt0s The longer I participate here, the more I'm amazed about your support. Quick question about the "try to skip creating nofollow links" option: What's it based on?
  • SvenSven
    @jonseo it means SER will try analying all outgoing links and check how many of the links are nofollow vs. dofollow and will decide if it's worth the try or not.

  • @Sven Thank you for clarifying! Makes a lot of sense that the program advices users to not activate that option... on my own web properties, I decide for each single link if I want to make it no- or dofollow. I guest a lot of webmasters do that.
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