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Missing Toolbar

Hi guys,

The toolbar at the bottom of the status message pane that says about verified, submitted, captchas etc. is missing. Is there a way to re-enable it?

Thanks in advance.


  • SvenSven
    hmm should be there all the time but just in case, try to reset the positions by doing this:
    go to the folder where config.ini is saved (c:\users\<login>\appdata\roaming\gsa search engine ranker\) and open it with notepad. Delete everything in the [posi] section.
  • Thank you, that worked fine.
  • Hi Sven,

    I just moved GSA to my new server with a fresh install and already the toolbar is not showing. Is there any other reason for this?
  • SvenSven
    dpi settings maybe. check if that system has normal dpi/font settings for display.
  • It seems okay at the moment but just have to keep fiddling with re-start and also ini settings.
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