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Dolphin Platform

Hi guys,

If I wanted to post articles or blogs to Dolphon, JCow and Ellg, then what do I choose as the "types of backlinks to create" under filter urls in options?



  • SvenSven
    You have to choose "Article" there. However if you really just want those links, then you can as well choose the engines directly from the engines menu on the left.
  • Okay thanks. I am using my own lists so I wont use the engines but can I ask, is it only article that I need in order to create blog post type backlinks on these platforms?
  • SvenSven
    Well you have to enable all the engines anyway where you like to submit, else SER will not detect it.
    Article like posts can also be done by engines from other categories like Social Network or Video categories. You better enable contextual link platforms using the right click on the engine selection box.
  • Okay so when you say enable all engines, do you mean the section in data that says "types of search engines to use" or the section that says "type of backlinks to create" (where I have just article selected)?

    I tried right clicking both these sections and dont see an option for contextual link enabling. Also what does contextual linking do?

  • types of engine to use .. the 1st one .
    If the sites you want to post are indetified from those platforms as a platform that it can post , will post .
    If not then its diffrent engine and you need to code one.
  • Okay, I am using an auto approve list and just need to know what options to choose to enable blog posting to Drupal, Joomla, Dolphin, Jcow and Elgg.

    Obviously I am quite new so might sound like a dumb question....

    So far I have chosen the following:

    Platforms in where to submit
    Article under types of backlinks

    I have not enabled any search engines because I am using my own list. Is this correct?

  • 1 .you dont need to enable seacrh engine . gsa ser isnt scraper . its poster 
    2. dont buy autoaprove list "they are spammed to death"
    3. dont do backlinks in autoaproved uris "they will be spammed to death"

  • Thank you for the heads up.

    What should I use to make decent contextual backlinks in this case then?
  • scrape your own list and crape it from your country you want to rank .
    eq. espaniol site on espaniol backlinks sites...
  • The problem is I only wanted to use Drupal, Moodle, Joomla, Dolphon, JCow and Elgg. I have scrapebox but not sure how to specify this.

    Should I just scrape a list and take whatever it gives me? Is there a scraping option in GSA?

  • MariosElGrecoMariosElGreco Athens
    edited March 2016
    its more complicate . you use footprints so your list will be good enough and more focused.
    and ofcourse you use more targeted keywords .
  • Yes I can use keyword luv in scrapebox for dofollow. Is there any tutorials for GSA?

    Thank you Marios.
  • Excellent, thank you for all your help :)
  • Marios, sorry, can you tell me how to disable the who is statistics or which option in the backlinks it is because I get what seem to be a lot of useless who is statistic links that are saying about trademark violations or something.

    Also is there a way to provide more than one main URL and have GSA select at random which one to post to?

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