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Hi I done some cleaning maintenance today on gsa PROBLEMS

Hi i done some routine cleaning today and also linked gsa proxie scraper as sugested by asia virtual soloutions now I am getting this
21:16:11: [-] 280/474 download failed (Aborted) -
the software has stopped posting and just runs this 
any idea
thanks in advance Derek


  • I have just taken the project over to another gsa licence I have on my laptop and run it, and it does the same runs really fast and makes no links at all vpm is 0 and says no engines.
    I am running gscraper with there additional service ie there proxies, do you think I have burned my ip address?
  • SvenSven
    well why you skip ".com" domains? Isn't that the problem after all?
  • good morning Sven thank you for getting back to me.
    not sure what you mean is this a filter I have checked by mistake? where would I find this to correct please?

  • HI I have investigated further and this am I added some proxies and it seemed to work? these were semi dedicated.  So this tells me the problem is coming from proxy scraper.  I find it difficault to find any information about how to set it up, there is information about what does what but I cant find any about how and what to set in the settings.  If I leave it running for about a day I get about 1300 proxys but when I import them into say gscraper it tests and says there are only about 15 working.  If I import  them into gsa ser it says that about 60 are any good?
    can you direct me to a step by step video for setting it up please
  • SvenSven
    Well you test them in GScraper or SER differently than in the proxy scraper I guess. Those tools you use the proxies for usually use them for search engines. If you need proxies only for that, then you should export the proxies who passed the google test.
  • ok thank you
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