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GSA Update

So couple days ago my avira has found gsa ser as a virus and blocked it's acces right in the middle of an update and since then i don't receive any update for it. My version is now v10.70 . Till then my gsa was receiving new update every 2 days. Now nothing.
What is the problem?
And what is actual version of gsa?
Sorry, i'm a noob with gsa :)


  • SvenSven
    There is no problem except that we in Germany celebrate Easter from Friday to Monday and also the week before/after we usually take it slow and relax. It's time to come down a bit and you should not expect updates every day really.
    Also get a new virus scanner. AVIRA is awful as most of todays scanners who tag everything a svirus that they can not analyze (due to protections in our case). AVIRA itself is the worst as well as they refuse to add support for the widley used TAGGANT system to reduce false detetions. Now blame them for there really bad engine, not us.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @flash1997 - Latest version is 10.70. If you click the SER changelog at the top right corner of the forum, you can see the latest version.
  • vinvin
    edited March 2016
    ha ha ....users have got so used to getting updates every other day for SER. I v seen no other software update so frequently and was surprised when every other day there was that update notification and I thought that Sven is on fire here workin so hard to keep the software updated in the rapidly changing world of seo. It has so many configurations that it ll take me another 3 -4 months to fully understand the features.
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