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gibberish text in article links

hi guys i pasted manual spun content and gsa ser is posting content like this:

Tfe 3Q5 Qnd 3Qinaåe Ÿf t»e UοVl Q3q j}Ut ta¿ …tf53 tºVngU that all matt53 YVt5 a |…t. ™t's ρ>UUV,|5 t… fQ½5 U>Vl tf0t VU toο 3aine not draine~ eno}a» and CοYr Uοil can …5 t¿ο fVne, tŸŸ b}lκy …3 5 5n W>anrigft A|}m£. Sο f> WË C>u 5òVWq w»Qt tË d¿ and wºVch m5tºŸ is tº5 …5Ut tŸ dq0| wVtº 0l| οf tºis? EasC, not >nl¯ !h0t ¯Ëu pl0nt Vn t53mU οf tº5 tC@q Ÿf ρ|QntU, bYt alUο af5tfe3 >u Álant U5q~U ¿3 …Y|…s aVl| Wet5rmVne 5ν53yt»Vng.

i was wondering what im doing wrong?


  • SvenSven
    Turn off char spinning option in projects.
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