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Complete GSA Search Engine Ranker Settings

bdseobdseo Bangladesh
edited March 2016 in Feature Requests
Hello senior guys,
I need a favor for GSA Search Engine Ranker Settings.

I cannot setup proper settings on my GSA Search Engine Ranker, thats why I cannot build huge backlinks using my settings.  I can built only 400-500 Blog Comments, Forum profile 500, wiki 200, social network 200, social bookmark 4/5 only and 15k Indexer.

I need a settings that I can built minimum 50k Blog Comments, 10k Forum Profile, 10k Wiki, 5k Social Network profile, 5k Social bookmark and minimum 2k .Edu/Gov backlinks

Who can provide me (settings + verified links list)?

I will pay for that. Or if you need GSA Search Engine Ranker then I will give you license key.

Note: I have 2 GSA Search Engine Ranker license and 1 Captcha breaker.


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