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Is Google angry with me

Hello members ,

I used to earn $50 a day by simply finding keywords which have keyword competition less than 25 in long tail pro and rank my Web 2.0 like wattpad and using GSA contextual do follow links ( tier 1 ) and then all the remaining kitchen sink in tier 2. . It took me about 150 single page niche Web 2.0 to get $50 amount of daily traffic everything was great until other people came and out ranked my Web 2.0 .

Now from the past 6 months I have been following the same strategy and luckily found niches with keyword competition less than 20 In long tail pro many have less than 1000 results in Google title competition and non of the first page ranked websites have targeted the keywords I m targeting. In the 6 month I used the same strategy with GSA but non of them are ranking many Web 2.0 don't even come up for the keyword results at any page . The on page seo are normal .

i am running out of money in a month I could be in streets if I don't make any money as my current stats are $0 . Could you guys help me out with it . Any method / strategy that includes GSA and can rank very low comp keywords in weeks would be great .

Thank You for Reading


  • Anyone please
  • vinvin
    edited March 2016
    maybe G has made some algo changes for ranking keywords in web2 sites. It is getting difficult to index and rank subdomains of authority web2 sites i guess since many are exploiting web2 and using them as parasites. You can search " keyword" to check if there are any other web2 ranking for the same keyword or niche. Of course the content in your web2 should be manually written (100% unique) and should be around 700 to 1000 words. Even tier1 content should be top quality. Also web2 site should have some social presence. Instead of web2 why dont you build a site by using an expired domain. That way you will not have to rely on web2.
    Anyone else using SER for a long time pls suggest what could be the reason for this?
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Time to 9 to 5 it by the sounds of things, and do SEO in your spare time, because there's no magic formula that will rank your sites instantly, and if you're running out of cash you need an income now, not in 3 months' time when the affiliates pay out.
  • none of really know what will happen coming up. we can share feedback with what has worked, and what is working now, but tomorrow is a different story and an issue we all face. on my side, traditional seo is still working ok for my projects. the days of churn-and-burn are long gone. those on here bragging about their VPM numbers miss the point of diminishing returns. G is relentlessly refining their index. It is a losing game to try to exploit shortcuts. They have more resources in one field office than all of us combined. I feel your pain, I think we all do, but it may be time to think about a change in strategy and go for long term results? I have a handful of money sites. They average 10+ years in aging, have PBN's all of at least 5+ years, and have a classic tier structure. The only place SER comes into play for me now is at my tier 3, where it is on 24/7. So far, my sites have been solid. But every morning I wake knowing it can end at any time.
    It seems like you are now in an arms race situation, and that never seems to end well for anyone. Someone will always have more resources than you, and the tools are getting more sophisticated meaning they generate a lot more output, which gets G's attention at which point they will kill the opportunity for everyone.
    I think @spunk2010 is spot on, maybe it's time to get a day job to give you time to re-evaluate your strategy. Good luck.
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