[Indexer] Submit only to PR1+ sites

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i really love your tools sven,

hence a few things i would really appreciate on Indexer,

-  in the multiple window, i would like to see a counting like 126 / 684
- cause sometimes my queue is really huge i guess, and having this number would help me decide to switch to quick indexer for some time or not

- i would like to have option to / checkbox to submit / index only to sites with PR1+
- reason for this is simply cause sometimes my queue on indexer is huge and to fasten up processing it, thought it makes sense to select only the better ones



  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer

    The counter sound useful indeed.

    The rest can be handled from SER as you can define what URLs to send to the indexer (e.g. only PR2+ URLs).

  • ahh oki


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