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Anyone else using Looplines list? :O!

I have been a big fan of making your own lists for SER for a long time now but I needed some burner URLs to put through SER to optimise a server so decided to get my hands on a list. Firstly I got SeRocket and it was a nightmare, literally over half the URLs were not recognised or usable by SER so I ticketed them and got a refund after them trying a few tactics to keep me quiet and not tell people their list is a waste of time.

Started asking around with some SER users I trust on Skype and they all told me to check out Looplines list, some of these guys were hardcore make your own list guys in the past but now highly recommended the Loopline list.

I'm still running it through SER now but first impressions are crazy good! The list is over four times larger than the SeRocket list, very few of the target sites are dead and I have just done a quick index check on the root domains on the contextuals and I have never seen an indexed percentage so high!

I'm actually happy to say that provided these standards are kept I have been converted to a list user and will keep my sub to looplines service.

Also, I realise that to some (I would be included in this group too) may think something underhand is going on here to try some promotion technique but here is a thread I made breaking down this exact same list a few months back over on BHW slating it -

Loopline has said he took the points I raised onboard to improve his list and I am happy to say in my opinion he has and he has an excellent service.

If you are in the market for a list then I highly recommend you check it out.


  • SER lists are so spammed out to death they are worse than useless.
  • shaunshaun
    They are heavily spammed but even with self scraping most of the links you pick up will be being used by many other SER users too. I am going to run some tests between this list and my self scrape over the weekend.

    The main advantage to self scraping to me was being able to focus on set platforms to increase specific tiers, for example I used to have scrapes running for drupals, buddypress and xpressengine each day. Due to indexing problems I am moving away from having SER Contextuals on my T1 so dont need them anymore.

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