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Not following my settings

I have set it to this setting, but it is not following it.

It didnt follow:
my PR setting (which i have to set it to PR0)
links with keyword only
recursive mode (all i see is one level redirect)

I used it with multiple URL.

Here's what I want to do:

Input 100 URL, and make 20 links each to it, all with pr5 above, with keywords.

20 (301 shortener, pr5) x 100 URL = 2000 (301)

Can it be done?

Also, where about the ones like bitly googl owly and all the best ones out there?


  • My initial idea was to use it as such taken from a guide:

    2x301 (best ones like bitly googl) > 20x301 (to the 2 301) > 100 URL = 2000 of 301 total

    In words, it's basically:

    Take 100 tier 1 URL, make 2 bitly each and this is tier 2, make another 20 redirect each to the 2 redirect, and total it will become 2000 redirects.

    So the ideal feature would be:
    Ability to select tier 1 redirect sites, with or without keywords (example high pr bitly googl etc)
    Set how many tier 1 to create
    Ability to select tier 2 redirect sites with or without keywords
    Set how many tier 2 to create
  • SvenSven
    You use "Limit number of Links to create (4)" which will create 4 links and stop. You have to deactivate that filter to make full potential of your setup.
  • edited March 2016
    Hmm, your list is huge, and it seems to take ages to complete (about 5-10 minutes for 100 redirect per URL). I have a decent fast pc to handle it so I'm pretty sure the speed could improve (which another similar software finished 1 URL in 2 minutes to create 2 tier amounting to 400+ redirects), but if I deactivate the filter it will create 1000 redirects, then my 100 seed URL is going to create 100k redirects. I think it's unreasonable to create 100k redirects, how do we even manage to finish powering it up with a gsa blast?

    Hence why I suggested those features above. Because if I can set a limit according to how many redirects to create per tier, together with PR filter and keywords, it means taking the 1000 database of redirects and filter it down to only the best ones according to our setting.

    Please consider that.

  • Before considering the feature request, I think you need to fix this few things first

    1. PR filter bug.
    2. Links with keyword bug.

    PR filter bug:

    I set it to PR4 and above, but the only result is only, which i don't think is that little. The pr check is wonky at times, before this i even got results with no pr, pr0 and so forth.

    So here's yet another feature request to fix the bug, please filter the result from your db first, then only pass on the pr to end user. It's a waste of effort for us to do a pr check again and again from the fixed list of db.

    Links with keyword bug:

    1. It doesn't follow my setting to only output links with keyword.
    2. It stores the old keyword list and use it automatically even after restarting the program.
  • SvenSven
    PR Bug: Sorry but there is no bug on that. The PR should filter correctly. BUT if you have so many filters, then the results are of course low.
    1. found the issue and fixing it in next update
    2. What keyword list? Sorry, please give me details on that.
  • edited March 2016
    Not sure if the program stores the keyword list in a db, but when I opened the program with no keyword input, the output of the shorturl contains the previous session's keyword.

    And also related to the keyword links, some links clearly have the option to have custom keyword like tinyurl, but it's not output by the program. At times, it ignores the keyword and tinyurl pops out, and at times tinyurl completely doesn't output. (only using tinyurl as example because its common, but i'm guessing there's plently more that has custom url but due to some bug it doesn't contain it or it's not output at all).

    Back to the pr fix, it's somewhat fixed but i found the issue which might be another bug. When the setting is set to 301 link type and have PR filter, it fails to output the complete list of 301. So i set it to not check for link type, set pr setting to ON, and it outputs all link type including the list of 301.
  • SvenSven
    Everything looks ok to me. The problem you have here is the link type filter.

    When you use it and want to see all 301 redirects, then you need to choose the "Link-URL' together with the 301 link type, else it will skip everything where the URL is transmitted within the URL as parameter.
  • SvenSven
    Also the keyword is used all the time, though you do some test with as URL. Most shorteners will have that already in there database and will give you back some link that was previously created. Usually back than without a keyword used.
  • edited March 2016
    Yeah it seems the link type filter including link-URL gives me more results, so that's one problem solved for me.

    About the keyword, i don't see an issue using as URL as seen here done manually

    If i set the keyword to OFF, tinyurl pops up but it doesn't include the kw, whereas and works fine so for now i think the problem is only tinyurl on the program. Another minor problem as seen here is the duplicate tinyurl as reported on another thread.

    Here i set kw to ON to confirm is not output with keyword, but only the DF link output it.
  • SvenSven
    that duplicate thing is fixed in next update. I also improved the keyword filling but it can not be always 100%
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