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What tool are you using to create qualify tier 1 links to your site?

Hi guys
I haven't been doing seo for a while

I wanted to know what's working for tier 1? What tool are you using to create quality links to your site ?



  • Most people are using RankerX.
  • SER Custom Edu/Gov Engines 'Wikis" and Ranker X
  • You can use GSA also for tier if you know the quality settings with SER List
  • Actually, I just make sure that my articles have 70-80% uniqueness through super-spinning, then just blast a lot of contextual links out, and then use SER to filter the verified links to just contextual - copy the links generated, and use an instant link indexing service to get them indexed, and continously check the SERP for any of these sites being indexed within the next 4-24 hours time.

    Those that gets indexed within that time frame are good candidates, and you can then build more T2, T3, etc links underneath.
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