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White Hat! GSA + Web 2.0?

Hello guys. I have a new domain that i want to rank with gsa. 
I have bought 150 web 2.0 properties with tier 1 articles and place my links on that web 2.0 properties with keywords and domain anchors.

1.My plan is to blast tier 1,2,3 to that web 2.0 properties so they can get some authority. But than i will have only 150 referring domains in my link profile..

2. I have tamplates setup in GSA with tier 1,2,3 and I was thinking when doing blast to that web 2.0 to also do directly with new tier1,2,3 tamplate GSA ser links to the money site so i can get a little bit diversity. But i don't know what settings to use for that  "direct links to money site safe mode" and how many links should i build daily to the money site with gsa?? Is there a such thing to use GSA in little amount to money site for diversity that can be use safety? Or there is a better way to do this? Please help guys:).


  • feukimfeukim Singapore
    150 ref domain is quite enough mate, if you build authority at em..
    about direct links to moneysite which is more safe :
    dripfeed it, and make a different anchort text..
    last but not least, select a good engine to blast to... contextual engine and non contextual engine.
    i think everyone do this, and each of em has a custom blast mode..

  • Thank you for the reply. What about some indexer service? Should  i use indexer for tier 3 links only to get faster results?
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