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New Campaign & Structure Query


I want to email a list of 10 000 people.

I don't want my IP or domain to get blocked or marked with spam.

What's the best way to do this?
1) Do I buy some gmail accounts and send with those?
2) Any tips?

I'd love to see a resource on how best to use this software.


  • T63T63 Singapore
    From what I can see this Progam is not optimal for that purpose.  There are many email programs which can be set to send emails in batches of say 1000 emails or where you can add multiple email accounts and it rotates between them to send out the email in a way which does not trigger punishment ( eg pausing between batches for a period or time according to the limits set for each ISP).  I am using AB Bulk Mailer which is quite good and quite cheap ( below USD 50).  GSA may also have a more sophistacated one.

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